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Get loyalty rewards for participation and in-app spending.
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How to use United Games Access Code?

Using United Games Access Codes is as simple as just clicking on the registration access codes above and completing the sign-up process. You are presented with sign-up codes to register as a player or as an affiliate. Which code you choose will determine your level of access and type of involvement with United Games after the app is unrolled and the game becomes available to everyone around the world.

Those who sign-up using the United Games Registration Code (An Independent Affiliate of United Games) and register as an independent affiliate will be contracted to help share the app, being compensated according to the program guidelines. Anyone, 18 or older, can participate in the United Games Affiliate Commission Program by simply creating a United Games Affiliate Account.

A one-time business suite cost of $39.99 is required to join the Affiliate program. In addition, the monthly technology subscription is required to keep your Affiliate account active (current cost $9.99). Affiliates are permitted to refer other Affiliates and are financially rewarded when those they referred generate player revenue in the app.

To sign-up and join as a Player, you simply follow the link to the Player registration by using the United Games Access Code under the Players Colum. No Fee and no Financial information needed.

The better way to play!


A global game

A global game across international sports.


Rewards for loyalty

Rewards for player loyalty and participation.


Social communities

Athletes and celebrities drive player participation and social communities with leagues.



Eliminates fantasy sports negatives, like gambling and difficulty levels.


Strong Social elements

Strong Social elements like live chats with celebs & friends during live events.


Play it Live!

A better way to play along live with your team on game day.

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